Oliver Immel

Perspektiven einer Ethik sozialer Anerkennung.
Eine moralphilosophische Interpretation der Sozialontologie Jean-Paul Sartres

Based on the social-ontological concept developed by Jean-Paul Sartre in his early works, I will make the attempt to show perspectives of an ethic of social acknowledgment. With regard to this aim, I will present an own approach, focussed on the concepts of personal identity and social acknowledgement, that takes its inspiration from the phenomenon of “being-possessed-by-the-other”, i.e. being for the other in the manner that by looking and judging the individual, the other “creates” elements of the self one cannot create himself and which are, in the first place, in the possession of the other. The ethical relevance of this thought shall be shown by analysing its consequences for interpersonal communication, social acknowledgment and especially for finding a moral point of view that may help to develop outlines for an interculturally focussed ethical approach.